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German A1 Exam Preparation
The German A1 (Start Deutsch 1) course teaches the foundations of the German language at a beginner level (A1 according to the CEFR). This Beginners course will help you develop your knowledge and practice your grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary.This will improve your comprehension and understanding of the basic elements of the German language and cover such topics as reading, writing and listening.
German A2 Exam Preparation.
The German A2 level will broaden your linguistic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening learned at the A1 level as well as developing a wider vocabulary to help build your confidence in communicating in German. At the Upper Beginners Course you will also be introduced to Basic Study Skills and German Cultural Studies sessions.
German B1 Exam Preparations 
The German B1 Course allows you to grasp more mature and accurate communication style building on the German language skills acquired in A1 and A2. In this Intermediate course, you will consolidate your ability to function in a German speaking environment and begin to learn more complex grammar and vocabulary. The B1 course is designed to maximise your stay in Germany and ensure you have the skills to function in a variety of situations on a day-to-day basis.
German B2 Exam Preparation 
The German Upper Intermediate B2 course will focus on building your confidence in communicating in German.You will learn key German grammar and language at an upper intermediate level B2, focusing on understanding and generating advanced level C1 German. This course will help students able to communicate in German independently, with correct pronunciation and vocabulary.
GOETHE Exam Preparation

The GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT is the most popular German exams taken by most students and professionals in Nigeria. It covers levels A1 to C1 on the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The GOETHE exam is the standardised German language test students use to measure their proficiency in the language and facilitate admittance to German universities.
*Start Deutsch 1 A1: primarily for family reunion visa application
*Goethe-Zertifikat B1: for persons intending to study in Germany

NOTE: The GOETHE ZERTIFIKAT Exams are international exams that are subject to change. LEXTORAH will not be held liable for any sudden change of Exam Date(s) with or without prior notice.

Registration requirements:

  1. Payment of Examination fees (Call the school to find out about the fees).
  2. A valid copy of your international passport and 2 photocopies of the same international passport
  3. Two passport photographs with white background
  • Enrollment is based on  "first come, first served".
  • Report to the examination location at least 1 hour before commencement.

Goethe-Zertifikat C1 is conducted in November of every year. 
The C2 Examination is presently not offered in Nigeria.

Important notice! Please, note that irrespective of the time frame given for registration for examinations, entries close automatically as soon as the maximum number of candidates is attained.

For students interested in taking any of the Goethe exams, our Exam Preparation Course will equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to pass your exam. You will develop your theoretical understanding and practical skills of German grammar, structure and vocabulary while learning strategies to help you succeed in the exam.
Learn more about the different Exam preparation courses we offer. Please fill out our Enrolment form or call us on 0809 127 8837 for further information.
  • The tutors teach at an understandable rate. not too fast or too slow. The materials are self-explanatory. I enjoy every class. Right now I am learning sentence building, positions of verbs and nouns in sentences in Deutsch (German) language. Ich besinne jede Klasse und mein Lehrer ist sehr gut.

    Pablo BBusiness Professional
  • At Lextorah, where I learnt French, my tutor, M. Phidias, was amazing and always so diligent in making sure my understanding was not shallow, but as deep as possible. All the exercises and assignments given are always systemically in line with the teaching to ensure full grasp of the language. The teaching mechanisms are up to date with excellent study materials such as textbooks and DVDs. I always felt so welcome when I arrived every day. Je Suis tres heureux mon Choix etait Lextorah, malheuresement il est seul cinq semaines.

    Toniloba OgunsanyaStudent
  • Soy Andikara Honour Etiubon. Soy Nigeriano. Mi Profesor es Senor James. I am learning Spanish at LEXTORAH. It is really exciting and worthwhile.

    Andikara EtiubonStudent
  • Herr Christopher Waooo thank you for the knowledge so far. At first, I was not sure learning the German language would be easy but coming to Lextorah has taken off the doubt in me. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my class while I gain more than I bargained for with the fully AC class. Thank you Lextorah school of language

    Yung KingBusiness Professional
  • My experience with Lextorah school of languages was a great deal to me infact it was splendid.the have a conducive environment,great lecturers and are well organized. Am happy to come across this great institution. Thanks.

    George Okon
  • I am from Chad and so i speak only french and Arabic.I registered with Lextorah school of languages to study English language.Now, i can speak and understand English language.My tutor, Mr Ajayi is a very good English tutor. Thank you Lextorah. Merci beacoup.

    Ousman HisseinSelf employed
  • I am Solomon by name , studying German language here at Lextorah school of languages. I have spent a month and a week and i must tell you that i have been doing really good with listening, reading and when i see the words on my own, i can tell what they mean. My tutor, Frau Lasisi is really good at her work, making sure i am able to make the right sentence in Deutsch and to pronounce them as they should sound.

    Solomon RichmanBusiness man
  • Chinese class has been great, lots to learn and sometimes the thought of that makes it seem all too hard and impossible to learn but overtime with constant practice it started to make a whole lotta sense. i've been able to learn more of the greetings, numbers and ways of communicating basically and with more practice i'm certain Chinese would be more fluent for me, many thanks to Lextorah for this medium. xie xie, zaijian.

    Ayanniyi Olamide
  • So far so good, Lextorah is one of the best here. they have accuracy in teaching. Also, what i so much appreciate is if you don't understand a hitch in what has been taught , Lextorah don't mind teaching you all over again and with some guidelines too.. The Best so far, accurate teachers.

    Adeniran Sola Pelumi
  • Lextorah school of languages is one of the best language school in Nigeria.Learning french has been made very easy.My tutor, Monsiour Fedina, is very patient and understanding Tutor. The level of hospitality is very high, imagine receiving lectures in a fully air conditioned class. Very comfortable. I wish to move to the next phase in this school till i am perfect. Thank you Lextorah, more grace to your elbow.

    Seun Akinola
  • I am currently learning Chinese(Mandarin) at Lextorah School of Language. My wang laoshi ( Teacher King) is the best she is patience and she makes Chinese learning easy and fun. Xiexie wi Lextorah

    Oby Egbuniwe
  • i am so happy today that i have completed my deutsch language course at Lextorah school of languages .Honestly this school is a place for great people and those that want to be great,i say thank you to my lecturers and the entire staff of this great institute............Danke ...Auf wiedersehen.

    Henry OkechukwuEngineer
  • Lextorah School of Language has a conducive environment for learning and my time at lextorah so far is worth it. Monsieur Fedina my French Tutor is the best. kudos to LEXTORAH

    Gabriel Diamond
  • lextorah school of language is one of the best school to learn any language.My experience there has been wonderful, they have good environment for learning and friendly staff.

    Ogechi Lilian
  • I live in Lagos and I am a German language student at Lextorah school of Languages. My tutor, Herr Christoff makes learning the language easier and also brings fun to class. The staff are friendly and I would recommend Lextorah to anyone willing to learn a new language.

    Abah AnthonyEngineer
  • Lextorah is a wonderful place to learn languages. My French tutor Mr Phidias is very good at what he does and he takes his time to make the language easy for one to learn. i will always recommend Lextorah any day any time

    Makanjuola YenosbinaStudent
  • Lextorah school of languages is a citadel of knowledge where the students are well trained in various languges. I started about a Month ago.I can verily communicate in Spanish language; cant wait to complete the course and be able to communicate and interpret well. the tutors are good at what they do and they also give room for interaction. In a nutshell, its a very good school for languages.

    Abisoye OderindeStudent
  • I am currently studying Chinese language here at Lextorah and i must say its been very adventurous. The deeper you go, the tougher it gets but am happy because i have a very competent tutor who knows how to break it down so we can understand fast. The staff are polite and the environment is conducive too. I am sure i will be just fine at the end of the program.

    Simon SamuelBusinessman
  • Studying in Lextorah school of Languages has proven to be the best choice i have made. The teacher in charge of Deutsch teaches in such a way that the students assimilate easier.I will advice all and sundry to study any language of their choice in Lextorah School of Languages.

    Sodiq OlaoluwaBusiness man
  • Indeed, they unleash talent! when i came to Lextorah, i had no idea of the language (German) until i registered and started classes. The Tutor, Herr Christopher is concerned, experienced and focused.He never relents and ensures he brings his students up to speed.

    Oyoria SamuelBusiness man
  • It has been a wonderful experience so far, I am studying German Language and can comfortably speak german fluently, All thanks to Lextorah School of Languages.

    Okeke ChiamakaBanker
  • My experience so far, has been fantastic. Learning a language here has been easier than i thought. Lextorah has the best teachers especially for Chinese. An Laoshi is very good at teaching Chinese and making it easy to learn.

    Ade BayStudent